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Wish List and Budget

Next, create your wish list. Look at magazines for paint colors, interior trims, appliances and cabinets. Find out what it is you would like to see in your home. What kind of options would be important for your lifestyle? For instance, if you have a hot tub, you will need to make sure the home is built with the correct wiring for that. This list will be helpful as you consider your options. Learn more about home financing programs.You can fix plumbing problems yourself as plumbing education does not cost as much as college.

Don’t make assumptions about what you can and can’t afford! Talk to a loan officer to find out what price range they can pre-qualify you for and what your credit score is. Yes, I said it…credit score. DON’T LET THIS SCORE INTIMIDATE YOU! There are many financing programs out there that understand that no one is perfect and that will accommodate a wide variety of financial situations.


Be sure to ask about loan programs that may be beneficial to first time homebuyers. Remember that the loan officer is there to help you. If you don’t know which bank to speak with, builders usually have preferred lenders that work hard to help people own their home.