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How to Find Your Dream Home

Purchasing a home is a major life investment — probably one of the biggest you’ll make in your lifetime. As such, it is important that you take the time to figure out exactly what you need from a home and what kind of qualities and designs you are looking for. That being said, this is a long process that takes a large amount of care and consideration, and you may not be exactly sure what you need at this moment. If you are on the hunt for a new house but are not sure exactly where to start, here are some helpful tips that will help you figure out how to find your dream home.

Determine your financial situation

While it would be amazing if you could go out and buy absolutely any house you want, very few people have a disposable income that will allow for it. Before you dive into the house-hunting process, it is important that you assess your financial situation before searching for houses so that you know what you will be able to afford. You can figure this out by determining how much you have to put down, how much you are able to borrow to put toward your house, and by creating a budget to figure out what fees and other costs will be associated with the purchase and how much money you and your family are bringing in.

Along with the amount of money you are going to be spending, you also need to think about the cost associated with hiring a real estate agent. If you are a North Carolina resident, an excellent business to search for is one that specializes in North Carolina mountain real estate and that will be able to help you find your idyllic living situation. Once you’ve worked through all of these costs, you can then move onto the next section.

When looking for a home, consider the long term

When searching for homes, hunters will typically consider what they are looking for today. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but when you purchase your first house, you are going to be in it for the long haul, unless you are purchasing the house to flip it or to rent it out to others. For those who plan to live in the house for a long period of time, consider what your future looks like and how your house might be able to accommodate those future needs. For example, do you plan on having kids or pets? If so, how many, and how much space are you going to need so that they can comfortably live with you? Will you need a large garage for extra storage or more cars in the future or will a smaller garage or simply a driveway be suitable both now and in the future? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself so that your investment now will continue to be viable in the future.

Determine your needs, then your wants

Your needs are the most important part of the home-hunting and buying process. These are the aspects of the home that can absolutely not be left out. The first portion of the needs section should focus on the overall location and community. How close is your ideal house to your work and from town? What kind of community do you live in and how do the people act within that community? If you have children, what are the schools like in that area? Will they give your children the education and environment you are searching for?

Once you’ve identified the location-based needs, you can then identify major home structure needs. What size is your ideal home? What are some appliances that you absolutely must have? What are some features in each individual room that are non-negotiable? Basically, what can you not live without? After you’ve identified these needs, you can then start figuring out your wants, which may or may not be available in homes in the area but are something you can do without.

While this is a basic outline, these questions will help you to get on the right track in the homebuying process so that you have a clear vision of what you are capable of and what you need before you start looking around. Once you have these aspects of the process mapped out, you are finally ready to hunt for your dream home. Good luck and if you have any issues, simply return to this guide for reference.


We strive to put together a team of experts focused on building and marketing the best quality homes at the best prices. Our team has a thorough understanding of the home building and selling process and, as a result, we successfully build over 100 homes every year. Our developments are located in some of the most desirable locations with best real estate agent services – from the Camas area to Vancouver. We’ve also been listed as one of the top 25 residential construction firms in the greater Portland area.

At Talbitzer Homes, discussions regarding construction practices are held directly with individual homeowners before, during and after the construction of their new home. At Talbitzer, we strongly believe that not only is it important to have a good relationship with our home buyers, but with our sub-contractors and suppliers as well. We have spent over 30 years developing business AND personal relationships with our sub-contractors like Kitchen Remodeling Wellington and feel that these long term relationships provide future homeowners with the best quality at the best prices.


Talbitzer Homes is led by Howard Talbitzer. He has been in the Portland/Vancouver area most of his life and offers many years of experience building and marketing homes in the Portland/Vancouver area. Unlike many of the builders in the marketplace today, Talbitzer Homes is locally-owned and operated with a team consisting of locally-raised individuals.

At Talbitzer Homes, our motto is “Do what you say you’re going to do.” This emphasizes our commitment to our staff, our sub-contractors and, most of all, to our customers.

Build It YOUR Way

We as a builder warrant that the dwelling will be free of defects in materials or workmanship as measured by acceptable trade practices in the Clark County area. This warranty continues for a period of one year from the date of conveyance of title to the buyer. Click here to get more information about houses in Clark County area.

All of our homes are also covered by a six year limited warranty for new homes through Residential Warranty Company. This warranty covers Designated Structural Elements for six years from the effective date. These elements are detailed for our buyers in a book received at closing or at the link below.


In order to obtain your one year warranty through Talbitzer, within one year, buyer must provide written notice of any defects and e-mail or deliver it to the nearest model home, or mail to:

Talbitzer Construction
3400 SE 196th Avenue Suite 100
Camas, WA 98607

You will then be contacted by a Talbitzer Construction employee to make a walk through appointment.  We encourage you to wait until your one-year warranty to contact us with issues, however, if there are any issues that you feel need our attention before the one year date then we are more than happy to take a look and fix those items if needed.

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What Michelle had to say about Talbitzer Homes…

“Two years ago my son and I needed to find a home but I needed to stay in the Camas area so that my son would not need to change schools. We found a new location that was in the area that we wanted and the price range we could afford. We went into the model home and met Joan Nigro. Right off the bat, my son and I felt comfortable. Joan was very welcoming and helpful through the entire process. The contractors were very patient with the changes I made through the building of our home and had answers for all my questions. About 4 months later, my son and I were living in a Talbitzer townhome in a great neighborhood.


It has been two years since we moved in and life has dealt us another hand. We now want to extend our family and need more room. My son and I love our home, so when my mother told me that Talbitzer was building a new community in Camas, we had to see what they had to offer. When we got there Joan met us with a smile and open arms. Needless to say, we should be living in our second Talbitzer home in about 4 months!”